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Deschutes Chasin' Freshies

in Libation Station  · 

Deschutes has unleashed the Chasin’ Freshies on the world, a beer that is exactly what you’d expect it to be. A fresh hopped IPA, which means you probably should run to the store to get one, punching out the guy in front of you if necessary to make sure you can drink it as fresh as possible.

Not that we endorse violence, but… Well, you just do what you need to do.

Is it worth the violence though? Not quite, but this is still a very good beer. It carries a proud golden look, crowned with two fingers worth of crispy white head. The hops lure you in through its nose where you’re warmly welcomed by the smell of citrus.

This is, in other words, a dapper beer right up front.

Sip, and the hops and citrus dance a seductive tango across the tongue, followed by a very light maltiness which finishes off with a dryness not unlike a joke told by Jim Gaffigan.

Is the Chasin’ Freshies anything you haven’t tasted before? Good as it is, it’s actually quite straightforward and familiar. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, as that is probably exactly what it should be.

So don’t punch out anyone to try the beer at its freshest. Rather politely ask if you can go ahead of the person in front of you. That it is worth.

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No-Li Winter Warmer

in Libation Station  · 

I find very few winter warmers to be offensively bad, yet very few to be awesomely fantastic. Most, to me, seem rather average.

No-Li’s entry into the winter warmer category, simply called Winter Warmer, is a few steps above average. It might not be quite top tier, but it’s a respectable beer, one I’d try again without hesitation.

It pours a dark amber, slightly hazy color with a slightly creamy white head, with a definite winter look to it.

Sniff, and the piney hops come straight at you, flanked by expected citric notes. Give it another whiff, and you’ll find a good kick of caramel too, alongside a somewhat surprisingly mild spiciness.

A quick sip reveals a flavor that follows the nose. It’s hoppy, but not in a face-punching way, and the citrus rounds it out nicely. Let the beer warm up just a bit, and the spices come out a bit further in force than the nose would suggest. Hints of nutmeg, a bit of vanilla… It’s really very pleasant.

Pleasant is definitely good, though this isn’t a particularly complex beer. Winter Warmer does its job nicely though, and I can see it becoming a favorite in restaurants. For whatever reason I feel this could go well with a pizza.

My bet is that you’d at least like No-Li’s Winter Warmer. Love it? I’m not so sure, but you probably should give it a try to find out.