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Notes from all over, a bit of everything edition

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Let’s just jump into it, shall we?

The Hop Shop is changing owners. What it will mean for the spot is anybody’s guess, though I can’t help but hope the meat-market-sleaze factor will be toned down.

We mentioned it earlier, and now it’s official. Ish. Santé’s Jeremy Hansen will open a bakery, named Common Crumb, in the new Saranac space. 

Miguel’s has opened in the former Vin Rouge space on the South Hill.

If you have access to some Chardonnay barrels—I mean, who doesn’t‽—you should help Perry Street Brewing out. I’m sure they’d buy you a pint.

And finally, the #snapshotspokane contest we so heavily pimped (before we forgot about it!) is done and done. Winner of our portion? The man behind the non-New Belgium part of the concept: Bart!

Yes, he was the only one who submitted something, specifically a selfie with the mayor! Congratulations to him, and to rxandr who won the bike in the New Belgium portion.