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Your list of the best restaurants in Spokane #9

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After a good year without too much movement, your top twenty sees some action for the second month running…

1. Manito Tap House (-)
2. Casper Fry (-)
2. Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie (3)
4. South Perry Pizza (-)
5. The Flying Goat (6)
6. Saranac Public House (5)
7. Central Food (-)
8. Main Market Co-op (11)
9. De Leon Foods (10)
10. Jones Radiator (8)
11. Veraci Pizza (9)
12. Bon Bon Lounge (14)
13. Coeur Coffee (-)
14. Atticus Coffee & Gifts (12)
15. Bennidito's Pizza (20)
16. Wild Sage Bistro (15)
17. Mizuna (19)
18. Huckleberry's (17)
19. Italia Trattoria (18)
20. Atilano's (16)

… albeit less dramatically this time around.

The top three is, once again, incredibly close, with Casper Fry and Santé now sharing the runner-up position. Meanwhile, the pizza war between Flying Goat and South Perry is intensifying; we expect Veraci to join them after their brick and mortar location opens.

As always, you can affect the list by voting! Stay tuned for the June list, which will be a very special anniversary one.

Notes from all over, a smattering of happenings edition

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So, what do we got here…

First, NUDO is opening tomorrow. This is, of course, the ramen place opening next door to Fire, downtown. I's being headed up by HDG Design Group.

Among the menu items is a ramen burger, so hey! We're all about something a little different.

The Avenue has a liquor license pending for its 13 W Main Ave location. Fun fact: that address doesn't really exist yet, at least not according to Google or Bing, but it should be right by the Saranac/Main Market/etc. (And apparently not in the Saranac Commons, which is on 19 W Main.)

The owners of Pacific Avenue Pizza are listed as applicants.

Finally, the Lantern will have a firkin (a small cask) of River City's Heritage English Pale Ale tapped at 6:30pm. A good reminder that it's American Craft Beer Week, so go drink!