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Well, we heard about the picketing at Chiludo's, a Coeur d'Alene taco truck, but we're not ones to jump to conclusions. Maybe they weren't neo-Nazi-Jackasses, but rather somebody who really didn't like the tacos, and just had an affinity for bad clothing and carrying around flags. I mean, really, we have to find these things out ourselves; we're basically scientists

The result of our research: They were, in fact, neo-Nazi-Jackasses. I suppose the Jackass-signs they were carrying around had already given them away, though it's probably transparent that we just wanted to try Chiludo's tacos. In that sense the Jackass-picketing backfired, seeing how it's now bringing Chiludo's—a truck we weren't aware of—customers.

Which they deserve. This is not a bad little taco truck. Their lengua—beef tongues—might be the best in the region, in fact. They're nicely tender, great texture, and have a good flavor to them, with some nice subtle seasoning. Definitely a hit.

The carne asada is also good, though probably a bit more average. Average asada is, of course, still tasty, so that's not a bad thing. Both De Leon and Tacos Tumbras have them beat here though.

Sadly I can't say I care too much for the carnitas. Too dry and not much flavor is not a good combination for the pork tacos. Do not order the carnitas; you'd be better off with another lengua.

The tortillas are also a bit dull and dry. Not inedible, but almost have hints of stale flavor to them. Luckily the salsa—I tried the hot one—is very tasty, and I also like how cabbage is mixed into the tacos.

So. The baseline tacos are pretty average, which is fine in itself, but the lengua gives Chiludo's a bump up. They really get this right, which is more than many do.

Give Chiludo's a try, they deserve attention for what they do best: Lengua tacos.

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The Inlander's annual celebration of mediocrity

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It's that time of year again, the time when The Inlander's readers flock together to vote Clinkerdagger Spokane's best restaurant and Taco Bell best fast food. And… Does anyone actually care anymore? I mean, really? I suppose we're writing about it, but I can pretty much promise that this will be it.

Of course, we have been shifting much of the blame onto the Inlander's readers, but that erroneously would suggest the Inlander knows better. To illustrate they don't, you don't need to go much further than their "Fish Taco Throwdown" where they name Twigs the winner. I kid you not. Twigs. In the same article they call Guerrero's tacos "one-dimensional" which blows my mind in so many ways that it's not one bit amusing.

People love to vote in "Best ofs," but why bother with this one? The Inlander is a shrine to mediocrity, and that won't change. Do you really want to be part of that? Of course you don't, even though I'm sure you have plenty of opinions about who's the region's best dog trainer. (And yes, you can actually vote on that.)

What better time to remind you of the results of our last year's "Best Of," where hundreds of Better Tasters voted for what really is the best of the region's food and drinks:

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